What is 2HP

Taking thousands of reps can make you a Gold Glove Award winning player

but what if you did all those reps wrong?  How do you know you are doing it right?

Does someone have to tell you?  What if you could just feel when you did it right?

Two Hands Pro will give you exact real feeling of your own glove but train you like a coach.

It would let you know you did it wrong without anyone saying it to you.


Keven, founder of Kempton Sports is one of the games premier coaches and program directors. He has over 30 years of coaching and owning Kempton Sports alone. All his daughters are top level players (D1) because Keven knows what it takes to be really good at the game. He inspires kids from tough backgrounds to make something of themselves. He is a magnificent leader, knowing how to motivate young players and mature players alike. Two Hands Pro has learned so much from his legacy in the game. In the future after Covid-19 mandates lift and we can get back to sharing the field together as one, Keven and DJ (owner of Twohandspro) will reunite to offer a epic baseball and softball experience. Do not miss it, from Two Hands Pro and Kempton Sports, to all players and their families around the world...we love you!



Not with Two Hands Pro, this in your glove training device is lke your coach in your glove.  It doesnt say a thing, but if you do it wrong, that ball will pop right out immediatly giving the player feedback as too the success of their attempt.

A high level player will be able to challenge their abilities by using this tool in live practice situation off live batting.  Attempting to make the catch and throw faster each time.  

A new beginner player will use this tool for specific drills and some live situations to help them develop the necessary skills to be successful in Baseball or Softball.  

( No Back Hands or Diving with Two Hands Pro Needed)

Learn to get infront and square up to a batted or thrown ball because to successfully catch the ball, the player will need to get centered up on the ball as its in the air or rolling in order to use both hands to secure the catch.


 Prevent you from doing it wrong is the idea of Two Hands Pro.

By practicing with your glove using a 2HP tool insert that will not allow the player to sqeeze or close their glove even when the hand instinctively wants to and thus usually causing a inexperinced player to field the ball off to the glove side of the body, resulting in many unseccessful attempts to catch a ball and throw it for a out.


Two Hands Pro gently rest against the palm of the glove hand inside the glove this device will make the player to develop proper alignment on the ball becuase two hands must be used to complete a catch, the correct glove position to get the ball into the pocket not off the outter area of the glove, this device will force the player to use his or her throwing hand in the right positioning to secure a catch make make a throw quickly since the ball is in the throwing hands during the catch, unlike the bad timing that happens in a one handed attempt and the slow transfer causes extra steps and shuffles to be needed to get a throw off, resulting in a safe runner and error to defense.


 Developing quick reliable hands, great footwork, and a fast transfer to throw has really never been easier that practicing at home by yourself!

This is a new way of teaching or learning the fundamentals of Baseball and Softball's defensive game, since traditionally coaches offer expensive private lessons and training to develop young and experinced ball players alike.

I support these coaches efforts and wish to make the job easier by providing more affordable solutions that offer fast resuts, so they can continue developing other areas of the game. By providing a professional level solution to learning a basic but very important fundamental at home and perfecting it like a Gold Glove player, is pricesless.  


Defense is the most fundamental aspect of Baseball and Softball.  The best players are the best because they do not make errors in games, especially when the game is on the line.


Practing with a Two Hands Pro Tool will ensure you do not make those costly errors and enjoy your playing experince.  The tool keeps your pocket open regarless of your instinct to squeeze the glove to catch the ball with only yout glove, which leads to alot of errors.


Two Hands Pro Tool creates the habit of getting into the best position to properly use your glove and utilize your throwing hand to secure the catch and transfer the fast way possible...NEVER CLOSING YOUR GLOVE.


The benefits of using a Two Hands Pro Tool is endless.

Great way to store your glove to avoid your glove turing into a pancake, wasting money on gloves every year is costly.


Insert into "Your Own Glove" to create a perfect stiff pocket, to use for practicing ANY DRILL involving catching a batted or thrown ball.  


Use for daily warm ups, at practice, at home or get a Two Hands Pro defensive training routine customized just for the areas you need to focus on.