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A great tool to improve a player’s fielding skills. When used it helps the player understand the proper glove angle and to use two hands when fielding a ball, all while softening the hands.

Two Hands Pro is innovation and simplicity combine to develop the best infield and outfield defenders in the game!  A revolutionary new defensive fielding aid for Baseball and Softball.   

Two Hands Pro instantly transforms your glove into an incredible defensive fielding training tool!
What is Two Hands Pro?
A fielding and catching training tool that inserts into the palm area of the players glove, restricting it from closing. It re-enforces proper mechanics by teaching the player use "two hands" to catch a ground ball or a ball thrown to him. Player has to use throwing hand to trap the ball or ball pops out glove!
Benefits of using Two Hands Pro:
  • Dramatically improves players defensive fielding skills.
  • Helps improve fielding footwork.
  • Helps players at all skill levels.
  • For players 4 and up.
Easy to Use :
  • Insert in 3 easy steps for practice and quickly remove for games.
  • Makes teaching baseball/softball fielding fundamentals so much easier.
  • Use Two Hands Pro during practice, drills, with friends or solo.



  • 5
    Gamechanging Device

    Posted by Maximum Velocity Baseball on Oct 18th 2017

    I own Maximum Velocity Baseball and also have been a varsity baseball coach for 20 years in addition to training my 3 boys and coaching multiple little league teams. The Two Hands Pro is hands down one of the most cost-effective training tools on the market today. At the varsity level we consistently train with soft hands but now we can have our players all train with their own gloves and force them to use two hands for all plays. And this is a No Brainer for kids of all ages. One of the hardest things to do is making kids catch with Two Hands...not anymore!

  • 5
    Two Hand Pro

    Posted by Coach Dee on Sep 7th 2017

    If you have a defensive weakness with your glove or your hands the two hand pro will find it!! The most inexpensive but yet most effective training tool I have!! Thank you for the kind service!! I had my products less than a work week

  • 5
    Best trainer hands down

    Posted by Tanner coulliette on Feb 2nd 2017

    After using this product for two years I have to say it is the hands-down the best trainer you could buy it allows you to use two hands obviously and it gets rid of the PANCAKE glove. Then when I'm not playing baseball I keep it in my glove to preserve the shape it is definitely money work spent!

  • 5
    Very impressive training tool

    Posted by Jessica McFerren on Feb 2nd 2017

    Bought one for my nephew being that he was brand new to the game and was "rough around the edges." It forced him to use the fundamentals of catching with two hands, which in turn improved his footwork and less dropped balls. He uses it at every practice and actually made a team this year because he improved so much!! Grateful to see my nephew so happy with his progress because of this tool

  • 5

    Posted by Miles M on Jan 30th 2017

    Changed my game on defense. Used in practice and pregame and made game-groundballs a piece of cake. Huge confidence booster as well. Quickened my transfer and gave me much better and softer hands. Would recommend this product to any infielder looking to improve their game. Super easy to put in glove and remove, and it even seemed to make the pocket of my glove bigger.

  • 5
    Best Defensive infield training device.

    Posted by Tanita Leets on Jan 29th 2017

    The Two Hands Pro is the best training defensive training device, I've seen till this day. When you have this device inserted in your glove their is no way of closing your glove. Which then really helps players understand the correct way of fielding a ball. It self corrects unecessary errors, and really helps coaches, players and parents, traininers alike. It will increases your hand transfer speed and force you into learning the correct way to catch a ball in your glove. As a added bonus it also when not in use retains your gloves form for storage. This device is a must have and is worth much more then $20.00, for what it offers all gamers and affiliates in baseball and softball is a real deal solution to creating better players and best of all it's a fail proof solution. Thank you Dj Jackson for inventing the two hands pro.

  • 5
    Outstanding Defense Trainer

    Posted by Matt M. on Jan 25th 2017

    I bought this for my 10 year old son when his coach told me that he needed to improve his defensive game last fall. It's working - his game is rapidly improving, thanks Two Hands Pro! We love this tool.