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As coaches we all know how difficult it is to run a successful practice.From all the logistics and details to renting fields,prep and clean up, then chase your 12-20 player roster of wild 13 year old party animals and wilder partying animals as parents to get them all at practice. (no offense)

One kid told me he had to miss practice because of his grandfather 97 birthday. I asked him if his 97 year old grandpa parties all day? He chuckled and walked away. I was dumbfounded. So with this kind of competition for a 13-14 u guy's time, we all can appreciate a great practice.

The best teams have the best practices I swear it!I've seen over 2000 practices in my days and the better teams all did things almost perfect. With the clock running coaches must find a way to make his or her point.

Must dos:

  1. Talk to the players about accountability and discipline, the game.
  2. Teach the fundamentals, all kids must know the basics.
  3. Play game situations.
  4. Have fun.

How to:

  1. Talk to players is easy before and after practice, not too much during. Teach them to be self managers.
  2. Good managers use a practice routine around drills and live situations. Best managers use teaching aids, fielding aids, hitting aids, to assists him or her teaching fundamentals. (Lots of products on the market)
  3. Wiffle ball baseball/softball games are great for live game situations that are fast paced, fun, and very informative.
  4. Be a positive role model for the players. They look up to us coaches and we have a huge responsibility to keep the game we love alive.

It's spring training and the fields are moist with morning due and the pros are geared up for greatness. Let's bring that feeling to every player in America!

God bless and happy March 14, 2017 from Two Hands Pro inc.