Two Hands Pro Team Pack (10)

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A great tool to improve a player’s fielding skills. When used it helps the player understand the proper glove angle and to use two hands when fielding a ball, all while softening the hands.

Two Hands Pro is innovation and simplicity combine to develop the best infield and outfield defenders in the game!  A revolutionary new defensive fielding aid for Baseball and Softball.   

Two Hands Pro instantly transforms your glove into an incredible defensive fielding training tool!
What is Two Hands Pro?
A fielding and catching training tool that inserts into the palm area of the players glove, restricting it from closing. It re-enforces proper mechanics by teaching the player use "two hands" to catch a ground ball or a ball thrown to him. Player has to use throwing hand to trap the ball or ball pops out glove!
Benefits of using Two Hands Pro:
  • Dramatically improves players defensive fielding skills.
  • Helps improve fielding footwork.
  • Helps players at all skill levels.
  • For players 4 and up.

Easy to Use :

  • Insert in 3 easy steps for practice and quickly remove for games.
  • Makes teaching baseball/softball fielding fundamentals so much easier.
  • Use Two Hands Pro during practice, drills, with friends or solo.