Online Coaching

Instructional Lessons For Baseball and Softball Players.

5 session Package (Scheduled Weekly)

The Coach is Former LA Dodgers minor leaguer 

D.J. Jackson who has certified by numerous sources to

teach youth up to adult athletes across multiple sports.

One of the best in the business because of his eloquent communication style and easy to understand lessons.


Accessible to all athletes who need to get in shape and practice with a professional while during the pandemic.
One on One with a coach
Great safe workouts
Easy communication


25 minute baseball lessons

Set up zoom account

Set up workout area

(min 8' x 8' sq/ft)

Pick a lesson: Defense, Offense, or Fitness

Baseball Equipment needed:

- Phone Camera w/ Tripod

- Bat- Glove 

- Rubber Balls/ Whiffle Balls

- Batting Tee

- Wide Mouth Batting Net

Workout Equipment Needed:

- Yoga Mat

- Dumbbell Pairs (2lb, 5lb, 10lb, 20lb) 

- Medicine Ball (6lb-8lb)


- J Bands

- Towel + Water Bottle

Results Happens With Consistency
Players Regain Confidence