How Does Two Hands Pro Work? When a player places the Two Hands Pro glove insert in their glove, the tool forces the glove to remain open and makes it impossible to close. This forces the player to actively field and catch thrown balls using the correct two-handed catching method that professional players are taught.  

How do you use it? Insert it into your glove in 3 easy steps. Next, simply try to catch a batted or thrown ball. It instantly forces the correct way to catch using two hands, not one.

Does it work for Softball? Yes, Two Hands Pro serves the same purpose for softball players and baseball players alike. 

Do I use it during the game? No, Two Hands Pro is a practice only tool.

Will it break? Two Hands Pro is virtually indestructible and is made of very strong and durable materials so it will not break when used correctly. Players under 10 years old need adult supervision.

Will it damage my glove? No. Two Hands Pro is designed to hold the true shape and pocket of the glove and may even assist in protecting your glove's form while stored.

Right or Left Handed? The tool is great for both right and left handed players.

Can I order for my whole team? You may order directly by clicking here. We offer Coaches and teams special discounts so please call us to share your Two Hands Pro story. We can process orders directly over the phone as well. Contact us at (818) 800-9875 M-F 9-5 (Pacific).

Does it work in a 1st baseman glove? Yes. Two Hands Pro is used by 1st baseman when practicing fielding ground balls.

Does it work in a catchers glove? Yes. Two Hands Pro is used during catching drills to improve blocking and pop time.

What is a good age to start using Two Hands Pro? The tool is suitable for players of all ages. Age 4 or 5 is typically the earliest you can get the player to start catching a ball. The earlier a player begins to train, the better.

Is it guaranteed/What if I don't like it? Two Hands Pro comes with a full Lifetime Replacement Warranty in the event of product defects and is backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Please contact us with questions.