Two Hands Pro Instruction Manual & Glove Care

Two Hands Pro 3 easy step instructions for installation.

1. Hold your glove in one hand, line the pink and middle fingers up with the correct finger holes in your glove.

*** Slightly tilt the insert toward the pinky during this step***


2. Turn your glove over, bend the last part of the insert labeled" thumb" into the thumb hole of your glove.

***Fit under or inside the thumb strap inside the hole***


3. Slide your hand into your glove on top of the Two Hands Pro insert, you should feel comfortable and Two Hands Pro should fit snug against the palm of your hand.'


Players under the age of 10 should use Two Hands Pro with adult supervision.



"Keeping the integrity of the pocket in my glove has always been important to me." D.J.

Two Hands Pro offers a unique feature like no other product on the market for glove care.  It Protects your glove!

When storing or transporting your glove, use the Two Hands Pro glove insert to protect you glove from getting smashed or flattened inside you game bag.  This preserves the quality of your glove purchase and will save money on gloves.

Players at the higher levels know the value of their glove and demand it is in the same condition they want it everyday.  So many players do not put there glove inside their game bag.  That becomes a hassle carrying your glove around.  Now using Two Hands Pro you can rest easy knowing your glove will be protected and your the pocket will remain nice and deep.  The technology used to create Two Hands Pro is designed to keep your glove in the open position without stretching or damaging your glove.