THP is Coaching The Hazel Dell Little League for All Stars Week

Posted by JIJI DRUMMOND on Jun 22nd 2021

THP is Coaching The Hazel Dell Little League for All Stars Week

Once the Vancouver, Washington's Hazel Dell Little League made it in the Majors All Stars Games, Owner of

the Two Hands Pro, DJ Jackson volunteered to help the team ball out. So far our 10-12u players have

responded quite well to Coach DJ's teachings. The team has adopted more communication skills that has chromized

them in unison on the field. Now that they are training with the Two hands Pro, their defensive skills are developing

faster, cleaner and easier. The players are really understanding the "Two Hands" method since the THP tool fits and

keeps their glove firmly in a open position.  



Coach John, father of Lance and Owen, couldn't be more relieved that the message has finally been received

in these young players minds. The parents are the most excited for the new addition to their kid's coaching

staff. One of the players mom's Heidi said, "It's refreshing for the kids to have another leader and I see a

change in my son not only on the field but also at home. He is more responsive and has been more open to

learning a bit more from me and his dad." We'll see what happens in these next couple of weeks as All Stars

Week kicks off on tonight at H.B. Fuller Park. As we have heard before, "DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONS!"

LET'S GO HAZEL DELLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!