Online Softball & Baseball Training Available NOW

Posted by JiJi Drummond on Mar 26th 2021

Online Softball & Baseball Training Available NOW


Two Hands Pro's CEO DJ Jackson revealed his New Online Softball & Baseball Training Program nationwide and internationally! The inventor and owner of Two Hands Pro has worked with various student athletes transforming their weaknesses into strengths. He has a vast knowledge on changing and building the human body with fitness and nutrition with his Certified Personal Training Degree earned from the International Sports Science Association (ISSA) and from playing in the LA Dodgers. Many of his youth players he's worked with over the years are now reaching their success, including  Breanna Valenzuela from Simi Valley, CA who was the 49th draft pick of the professional women's American Softball Association (ASBA).

With Covid-19 still keeping many families and players inside, DJ decided to take his training program a step further. When asked what inspired him to make his online training more personalized for my students, he responded, "At home, it's vital for the player to gain professional defensive skills without their coach, and Two Hands Pro does that already. However, players must develop all the skills well in order to be seen. I've expanded Two Hands Pro's training to do this."

Since last weekend, DJ's newest international trainees are two youth baseball players from Dubai, Jacob and Joaquinne Marahay. When their father, Patrick, was asked how their first training went, he said, "We met the legend behind Two Hands Pro. My kids liked his videos from Instagram, and now their learning new batting stances from a Pro." DJ just isn't a great coach, but a great mentor as well. Patrick concluded with, "This was the first time I've seen my kids smiling while learning new stuff." Patrick isn't the first parent who has said DJ had his child complete attention...and honesty. One parent in Santa Monica, CA has recommended DJ to a plethora of friends and families. all of the parents noticed not only a development in their child's skills and physique, but they noticed a change in their attitude and mental well-being.

During this Covid-19, quarantine or not, it can be tough on parents when the demand for a provider, supporter, teacher, tutor, and coach is in one. Now, you can pass some of that load off your plate and sign your kids up for professional personal fitness, softball and baseball training with DJ Jackson at Two Hands Pro - (See link to sign up)

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