Meet the Two Hands Pro Inventor in Vegas Baby

Posted by JIJI DRUMMOND on May 25th 2021

Meet the Two Hands Pro Inventor in Vegas Baby

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Have you ever wanted to see the Dodgers? Or meet one in person? Well if you're in Las Vegas, get your glove and baseball signed by our CEO DJ Jackson, former LA Dodgers center fielder. For the next 3 days, DJ will be traveling throughout Viva Las Vegas to demonstrate to young players what it’ll take to get you drafted.

Learn from a professional, in person, how to sharpen your fundamental skills like a pro. You’ll learn how to stop making errors, hit home runs and pitch better and FASTER. For many years DJ has helped so many players get into the colleges of their dreams, scholarships they really needed, and opened up opportunities for those who never dreamed it could possibly happen. Players like D1 Memphis U player Breanna Valenzuela, who got drafted to the Pro Women’s American Softball Association (ASBA) after training with DJ for several years. Utah Valley University’s Pacen Hayes who was on a team Coached by DJ his 8th grade year, and player’s like Wes Crockett, playing at Southern University and heading to the Palm Springs Power Summer Collegiate League June-July.

Now through this Thursday, you can meet and get your official demonstration of the Two hands Pro by the creator himself. Share your hopes and dreams with the man who got drafted right out of high school all by himself. Learn how you could increase your chances at going PRO with DJ Jackson in Vegas. Send him a message on Instagram (@twohandspro) or email him (