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D.J. Jackson owner of D.J. Jackson Sports Training and Two Hands Pro

DJ headed to La Cienega Park in Beverly Hills to train Milo, his up and coming senior athlete from a high school in Los Angeles, CA. Milo and Coach DJ have been working together once a week to work on baseball training. When they first meet in the summer of 2018, Milo contacted Coach DJ with the goal on becoming a better baseball player so he can play baseball in college. So, today’s objective was to continue coach D.J.'s program with new preseason adjustments that includes a lighter load on the muscles, more focus on agility, core strengthening and conditioning. We have also included specific baseball training drills such as taking reps at his position using Two Hands Pro Defensive Training Tool and also working on proper mechanical start technique for stealing bases. After a strong two hour session, Milo and DJ parted ways. DJ had this to say
“At the beginning of 2019 I really started to see how all the hard work from the last 6 months have resulted in tremendous strength gains while have translated to him being a better athlete on the field and at the plate.”

Here is a sample of the workout regiment Coach D.J. put Milo through on this beautiful day.

DJ’s PRESEASON WORKOUT [found online at ]

Ended the session feeling great, he was able to walk home, slowly.

5 minute Warm up Jog Stretch   12 minute run 1.5 miles
Plyometric Warm UpCone drills: Speed feet, Quick turn, Shuttle
Speed Training- Steal Starts over hurdles-Pause on lead leg, explode Lunges 4x10 @ Body Weight
Squats Presses 30 reps 20lbs DB Single Leg Dead Lifts 3 set x 8 reps each leg Bicep Curl -Triceps Extension 30 reps 20lbs DB
Infield drills- Grounder, slow rollers, choppers, bare-hands, pop-flys Situational defense - Throw Downs, bad throw downs
Core Training V twist 3 x 20 Superman’s 3 sets x 20 reps
 Throwing programCool Down Stretch