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Andy Iwai is father of Audrey Iwai, a 7 year old phenom softball player and social media influencer. Together they are a high energy softball duo influencing the social media community and have taken it by storm.Their videos with their elite level training coaches, regiments and strict attention to detailed practice routines has set them on top of youth softball development.

They are simply amazing and since fall of 2017 they have implemented Two Hands Pro Defensive Training Tool into their mix and it became their favorite tool for training defensive technique because the fast results and tremendous improvements in Aubrey’s game in a short amount of time simply from using it regularly in practice with Andy.

Audrey's game play and practice videos have drawn the attention of the elite softball universities like UCLA softball, and she competes in national top tier softball programs.With Two Hands Pro at the forefront of her defensive training, the brand will support her as she climbs the levels of her sport.Two Hands Pro will grow with her, as her love of Softball will push her to procure a scholarship to one of the nation’s best universities to get a education and then seek a lucrative professional softball contract. Two Hands Pro will sponsor her for her entire career and work with her to build other young girls to dreams like and play like Audrey. We have plans to co brand with Andy and Audrey in softball camps and more. So stay tuned.  You can find Audrey's link on my instagram or facebook accounts.