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 A baseball training tool that will build your technique into muscle memory with practice.  Two Hands Pro fits inside the glove to hold your glove in the open position even if you try to close it.  This will force you to try to get to every ball with 2 hands and lower the amount of errors you make by building the best technique into your muscle memory. Made by a player for the everyday player looking to improve their game and make it to the next level.

Players achieve more and reach their highest potential with Two Hands Pro.


A high level coaching and training tool is now available. 

Now players everywhere are benefiting from practicing with the Two Hands Pro trainer.

What is Two Hands Pro Trainer?

A highly innovative, very cool device that is inserted into the player's glove and used to develop professional style infielding skills, without a coach! 

Who uses it?

All players from MLB infielders to the beginners need to continually practice there technique and stay sharp on their skills to compete. Major League coaches are saying this is a must have tool for any players developing for a chance to play pro baseball because, all the top infielders in history started with a flat paddle made of wood, or a old flat mitt, or even a flat pancake glove at a young age. 

The Answer...

Well look no further Two Hands Pro defensive training tool will not allow you to close or bent your glove and forces the user to field using both hands and is just like having a pro coach right there with you because if you attempt a incorrect catch the Two Hands Pro baseball trainer gives instant feedback that you were wrong by the ball dropping out your glove.

How does it work?

This is a practice tool meant to build the player's muscle memory to remember the important movements for his respected position and build the players confidence to perform when the game is on the line and he or she is under pressure.

What is are the benefits?

Two Hands Pro will reduces the potential chance for error during game play and is the safest way to to learn to play defense to protect vital body parts from injury.

Why do I need it?

Because you want to be the best player you can be, by training you body harder and smarter than your competition. In a competitive game of failures like baseball or softball, someone is always trying to beat you out for the starting position.  You are not going to let that happen without a fight!

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